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May 2024

In the Classroom

Florida Foreign Language Association for Managers in Education

Leaders in Language Acquisition



The purposes of this Association are:
1.    To stimulate, identify, recognize, and to support in the development of efficient and effective supervisory practices as an instrument for the improvement of world language education;
2.    To enhance the status of world language supervisors by providing opportunities for professional growth;
3.    To create a forum for world language supervisors to discuss and take action on matters of common interest and concern;
4.    To stimulate and support the development of curriculum materials;
5.    To present to the appropriate agencies issues of concern to world language educators;
6.    To report on research and initiatives affecting world language such as:  policy, advocacy, pedagogy, language acquisition theory, assessment, curriculum and instruction; and
7.    To support members in their endeavors as world language supervisors.

Additional Information

Exceed Your Expectations

Our Team.

President Dr. Pablo Martinez

Vice President Alexia Martinez

Secretary Tracie Carollo

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